Soul Transit Is:

Soul Transit – you know them as Soul Transit Authority, and they still play your favorite soul music and classic rock dance favorites. Now, Soul Transit has added a new dimension to their sound with soaring sax solos, dynamic male and female lead and harmony vocals, and, many of your favorite contemporary hits.  Soul Transit’s driving, energetic sound will get you on your feet and keep you there. Charlottesville’s party powerhouse is coming to your neighborhood and they want you to boogie!

The band members are:

  • Rev. Chieff Thomas – Vocals and percussion
  • Wally White – Keyboard, vocals and music director
  • Jaye Urgo – Guitar
  • Dan Sebring – Bass
  • Larry Miller – Trumpet, percussion, vocals
  • David Sobel – Saxophone
  • Mike Kruse – Drums
  • Laura Eways – Vocals